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I recently joined a forum for entrepreneurs and I found out that many still have a lot of questions about taxation in the Philippines. As an overview, Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) is the government agency tasked to collect all taxes from income generating companies and individuals within its territories. To categorize each kind of tax, different forms/returns were formulated according to information necessary to accurately report income and compute taxes as well.

Here is a list of commonly reported tax and BIR returns used for each. For registered businesses, please refer to your Certificate of Registration (BIR Form 2303) for taxes required for government reporting.

  • Income Tax – For self-employed individuals, estate and trusts, use Form 1701 for your annual income tax and 1701Q for quarterly reporting. For partnerships and corporations, use Form 1702 for annual and 1702Q for the first three quarters of your taxable year. It is now required that succeeding quarters include summary of your income from the start of your taxable year.
  • Value-Added Tax – For VAT registered businesses only, use Form 2550M for the first two months of each taxable quarter and 2550Q for each quarter. Take note that the quarterly return is a summary of the three months of the taxable quarter reported.
  • Percentage Tax – For Non-VAT registered companies only, use Form 2551M to report your monthly income. There is a 2551Q but this is applicable to specific industries only.
  • Compensation Withholding Tax – All businesses with taxable salaries are required to remit using Form 1601C for each taxable month and report its annual alpha list with Form 1604CF (including Final Withholding Tax).
  • Expanded Withholding Tax – Also known as Creditable Income Tax Withheld for various transactions, use Form 1601E monthly and report its annual alpha list with Form 1604E
  • Final Tax Withheld – This is the tax on passive (not the main) income earned by taxpayers, use Form 1601F monthly and 1604CF for its alpha list.

There are other forms required but is specific only to transactions or industries they are in. Some forms are used for requesting authorization to transact a particular matter, whether with them or with third-parties. Whatever your business is, the government wants to know it. So, what BIR return do you need?


14 thoughts on “Your BIR Forms

  1. Thoughtful article – For what it’s worth , if anyone is wanting a Form 1601-F, my colleague filled out a template document here .

  2. hi! ask ko lang if ok lang ba mag file ng 1601-e kahit hindi naman siya nakalagay sa 2303 mo as your tax type.

  3. hi! ask ko lang ok lang ba na mag file ng 1601-e sa bir kahit na hindi naman siya nakalagay sa 2303 as your tax type?

  4. what exsactly date to submit form 2307?thanks

    • Hi! Based on experience, every 2307 receiver differs on when they want to receive this form. I know of some who wants it alongside the payment they are receiving, others are more lenient as long as it is received on the 20th day after the applicable quarter.

      Hope this helps!


    • Hi Ric,

      It is better to seek advise with your local RDO. Since iba iba ang interpretation ng mga District Office. May iba kaming clients na hindi na pina-renew ang mga libro kasi hindi pa puno. Others may need to be renewed. Give me a feedback what is applicable to your RDO.

      Hope this helps!


  6. Good Day po,
    May I ask what will I declare this 2nd quarter (paying & filing BIR 1701Q)? The applicable months for 2nd quarter only (e.g.: April, May and June) or the sum of Income from first quarter to second quarter? (January to June? less tax paid for 1st quarter) Thanks

    • Hi!

      The first part should include the your net operations for the quarter. The second part is where you can sum up the net operations of previous quarters in the taxable year. After this part, you will get you tax due as of the quarter you are reporting then a portion is allocated where you can deduct payments made from the previous quarters within the same taxable year getting you to a net tax due which you can pay to your authorized agent bank within your Revenue District.

      Hope this helps!


  7. hi. how can i use this form 1604CF what are computation to fill inn the 1604CF

  8. Hi!

    Non-filing of quarterly reports equates to negligence and corresponding penalties are incurred. BIR requires taxpayer to report even if there is no tax due on said report. If you do have taxes due, penalties can sum from 50% to 100% of taxes due.

    Hope this helps!

  9. Hi. I’m also from entrepreneur. I think you can help me with my question.
    May penalty ba ako if I wan’t able to file the 1701Q repost?
    Accdg to my retainer kasi ITR (which is annual) lang ang need ko ipasa.

    TIA. 🙂

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